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Heading in a new direction!

13 Sep

From here forward, this blog will now contain my perspective on the current trends of the advertising industry as a whole. For your (and even my) enjoyment I will try my very best to find the most interesting campaigns, viral videos, etc. to give my input on, and try to spare everyone the boring ones that I will hopefully sift through for you.

I believe I provide very beneficial input on the topic due to my current demographic where ads are geared towards a lot, as well as my (somewhat) expertise in the field of marketing. Due to my 700+ hours of working as an intern at an ad agency and still being young (current with the new trends and still don’t look at ads as critically as an experienced copywriter or as bitter as an art director) I believe I am in the position to give some valuable input/ideas/suggestions with the current trends going on in the world of marketing.

It has been my experience at an ad agency that people think too critically at some points when critiquing ads as they would if they were advertising to other professionals in the ad world. I think they lose sight of the fact that the people they are marketing to have a whole different perspective on ads and interpret them a whole different way because they aren’t as knowledgeable of the trade as the people critiquing it. That is why in my opinion Old Spice and Geico are so successful with their marketing efforts because they just put the craziest things out there and really don’t think twice about it.